Instructions For Beginning Footgolfers

You’re in the proper place if you want to learn how to play footgolf. However, there are a few things you will need to get started before you even consider entering the footgolf course. These include a fundamental knowledge of footgolf’s rules and etiquette, fundamental equipment, and lots of practice. All of which are learnable with the correct amount of effort and time.

Here, we’ll go over everything you need to know to start playing footgolf and have you hooked in no time.

Getting Better at Footgolf

Footgolf is a game that takes a lot of practice, so you shouldn’t play it on a course until you’ve developed the kind of game that will allow you to keep up with other players. Until then, it would be advisable to spend your time practicing on the practice green and driving range until you feel confident enough to play against real opponents. It would be a good idea to play on a lesser par 3 or pitch and putt course until you feel ready to advance to a whole 18 hole footgolf course if you still don’t feel confident enough to play on the big course.

Footgolf Accessories

You’ll need a set of footgolf Leeds to practice with before you hit your first ball. Before you decide to buy a set of footgolf clubs of your own, it can be a good idea to rent or even borrow a set of clubs until you develop a feel for the sport.

In Order to Play a Round of Footgolf, You’ll Also Need

footgolf tees, footgolf balls, and footgolf gloves

The equipment listed above should be more than sufficient to get you around the footgolf course until such time as you decide to invest in further footgolf accessories.

Footgolf Laws and Conduct

footgolf has literally hundreds of regulations, and knowing them all takes time because there are so many of them.

You can shoot at the ball more accurately and with the right power if you know how to stand. Place your feet apart as you stand. The distance between your legs should not be greater than your shoulder width. Flex the knees while maintaining a straight back. In this posture, your club should comfortably allow you to reach the ball. Your weight will switch from one leg to the other during the swing. When swinging, equilibrium must be maintained. When utilizing a putter, the stance is altered. Just gently space your legs apart. Act as though you’re ready to sit down by bending your knees just a little. Then, maintain control of your putter. The way you swing your putter differs from the way you swing your other clubs.

Here Is a Summary of Some of the Fundamental Guidelines That Will Make It Easier for You to Navigate the Footgolf Course Without Incident

The maximum number of footgolf clubs you can carry in your bag is 14.

  • The majority of footgolf courses will have a dress code that must be adhered to. Checking before you play is always a good idea because some are stricter than others.
  • Always keep in mind that the footgolf ball you are using could be the exact same one that another player is using. Before you tee off, make sure you mark your footgolf ball to indicate that it is yours.
  • When other footgolfers are hitting their shot, keep calm. This applies to every shot, whether it is on the tee or the green.
  • It’s critical to keep up with the game’s tempo. On the Leeds footgolf, slow play can cause delays for other players. It is customary to wait for other players to finish playing if you find yourself difficult to keep up.
  • Don’t cast a shadow over a player’s line of sight or wander through their putting line.
  • Use the ball where it is. This means that once the ball has come to rest in its ultimate location, you are not allowed to move it or touch it.
  • Make sure you start from the proper location. This means that the ball should always be positioned behind the authorized tee marks and never in front of them.


These are only a handful of the fundamental footgolf laws and customs. You’ll discover over time that your game will improve the more you play and the more you study. With any luck, these basic footgolf beginner advice will help you better prepare for your first round of footgolf.