Link Building

How to Use Infographics for Link Building

Modern link building has shifted from the old, risky links that harmed the SEO of your site to the safer, more effective links that improve your visibility on the web. There are two basic theaters of link building: one involves identifying broken links and attracting links from untrustworthy sites, and the other is a combination of both. Using both techniques is beneficial to your marketing strategy, and this article will explain why.

Modern link building is a safer

The purpose of link building is to drive organic traffic to a website. Organic traffic comes from people who are interested in what your business has to offer. This means that the best way to get to these visitors is to rank high in search engine results. Link building is an important part of achieving a high ranking in organic search results. But it requires a lot of work. In fact, it requires much more work than many other SEO strategies. It also requires a significant time investment. However, when done right, link building can result in more traffic and better rankings.

The most important aspect of link building is quality. This is often forgotten by digital marketers. However, high-quality links will result in better rankings, even for boring niches. Try to target smaller brands and younger professionals to obtain high-quality links. Make sure that the domains are relevant to your niche and meet quality standards, including proper text, keywords, and inbound links. While many businesses target cheap link exchanges, they should focus on high-quality links.

It detects broken links

You have probably noticed that some of your website links are not working. Broken links often point to pages that don’t exist anymore or can’t be found. If you’re using an SEO link insertion strategy, you should be on the lookout for broken links, and make sure to fix them as quickly as possible. Broken links are a great opportunity to offer similar content on your website and earn backlinks in the process.

This method involves identifying broken links on other websites, contacting the website owners, and asking them to replace the link with one that is relevant to your content. Using this strategy is an effective way to earn links, as the website owner will appreciate your efforts. In addition to finding broken links, it will also show the website owner that they have an opportunity to improve the user experience. If you’re not comfortable taking this approach, hiring a marketing agency will ensure you get the results you’re looking for.

It attracts links 

Your SEO link insertion strategy will increase your site’s page rank if you build links from reputable sites, but you have to be cautious when obtaining these links. While there are some ways to get backlinks from untrustworthy sites, a poor quality one will negatively affect your website’s search engine ranking. Google will penalize your site and lower its page ranking if you rely on these links.

It uses infographics 

Using infographics for link-building has been proven to increase website traffic by as much as 12%. It’s important to use infographics that contain high quality guest post sites relevant information. Googlebots are more likely to rank a site with high-quality back links rather than one that’s Sammy or full of duplicate content. But how can you make sure that your infographic is good enough to generate links? Here are a few tips.


Infographics are large visual images that convey information in an attractive, easy-to-understand way. They are also known for their viral nature. An infographic can have a variety of content, such as lists, definitions, research, statistics, and more. Because they’re easy to share, infographics are great for generating high-quality links. And since they’re visually appealing, they’re also likely to go viral.