The Best Service Of Boston Social Media Companies

Social media is a powerful tool that helps businesses connect with their target audience. It also allows them to tailor their advertising to target leads that are more likely to convert. The city of Boston is home to a wide range of social media marketing companies. Read on to learn more about some of the top firms in the area.

Pepper Gang

Pepper Gang is a boston social media company that offers a variety of services including social media marketing, content marketing and SEO. They have a team of experienced digital marketers who can help your business achieve its goals.

Pepper Gang uses the latest and greatest in digital marketing technology to provide their clients with a comprehensive suite of tools to help increase your bottom line. Their proprietary Boost Method is a proven strategy that delivers results, in both the short and long term. They also have a well conceived, scalable process that enables them to deliver superior ROI. They have an impressive list of clients, including major corporations such as Google and Amazon. The company is a certified Google Partner with top tier Pinnacle Support, the highest ranking awarded to any agency by the search engine behemoth.


Located in Boston MA and Rhode Island, TribalVision is a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency whose mission is to help small and mid-size organizations market smarter. Their value add includes crafting strategy, optimizing channel mixes, tactics implementation, executive leadership services, and building highly effective brands.

A SaaS company whose platform was providing research reports to potential customers had a major problem: they were generating thousands of leads on a monthly basis, but only converting those leads into full report purchases at less than 1%. To solve this, the TribalVision team prioritized messaging and product positioning. They developed a new product terminology that allowed the brand to clearly communicate its position in potential customers’ marketing stack and differentiate it from competitors.

AMP Agency

AMP Agency is a boston social media company that offers a wide range of services, including brand strategy, integrated media, public relations, interactive platforms, digital products, and more. Its Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Austin offices provide insight and solutions to clients in the technology, consumer packaged goods, beauty, retail, and consumer electronics industries.

AMP Agency has recently acquired Rock Coast Media, which provides digitally focused search engine and social media marketing. The acquisition of the company will help AMP Agency deliver comprehensive media strategies for its clients. The addition of the new team will further amplify AMP Agency’s digital capabilities and support its global expansion plans. The addition of Rock Coast Media follows AMP Agency’s 2008 acquisition of Fulgent Media Group, which broadened its media strategy and planning capabilities in the digital space.

PR by AC

PR by AC is a small firm that specializes in web design, social media marketing and branding solutions for small business. With a team of two, they have won over clients that range from startups to the largest healthcare company in Boston. Founded in 2015, the small team at PR by AC has the know-how to get your company noticed. With a strong focus on content marketing, they have a knack for spotting the right trends and making your company stand out from the crowd. Their client list includes a local medical technology company that needed to increase its online visibility and attract new patients. The PR by AC team is proud of their work. They also happen to be the best social media agency in Boston and offer free consultations for new clients.


Boston social media company SocialMadeSimple provides businesses with marketing tools that include a media library, which contains industry-specific content to post on multiple social networks, as well as features that allow users to monitor results and engage with potential customers. Their platform is aided by talented humans, which create a unified social media strategy for clients.

Founded in 2018, SocialMadeSimple helps small businesses and individual professionals leverage the power of social media to market their business, engage with customers and drive sales. Its easy-to-use, one-stop platform aggregates all social accounts into a single dashboard, offers dynamic guidance for users at every expertise level and includes a hand curated industry-specific content library.

Wrapping It Up

The city’s reputation for technology has given rise to a variety of social media companies. These range from startups to large agencies. Creating sleek visuals for a variety of platforms is becoming increasingly important to attract attention and drive engagement. Ephemeral content (Snapchat and Instagram stories, for example) is also getting a lot of love.

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