Unforgettable Nights: Indulge In The Ultimate Red Carpet Experience With Vegas Bottle Service

Nightclub bottle service is the ultimate VIP experience at Las Vegas’ top clubs. It allows you to escape the general admission crowds and enjoy your own table with a personal server. Purchasing table bottle service is more expensive than buying a ticket to the club, however it saves you time and money by skipping the line and getting seated right away.
Getting Started
Imagine entering a busy nightclub skipping all lines and being escorted directly into the venue and seated at a private VIP table. Then a cocktail server is assigned to your table to serve your bottle selection of beverages and mixers throughout the evening. This type of experience is reserved for VIPs in Vegas and other hot club scenes. Unlike a normal bar, a VIP table will have its own dedicated wait staff and security. Typically the host for your group will contact you to set up a meeting time and location so they can walk you right into the club.

The cost of table bottle service varies, but in most metro areas it’s usually an approachable minimum spend ($500-$1,500 for a group of 10). Most venues also have special bottle presentations that can add a significant premium to the total bill. Adding VIP table bottle service to your nightclub or dayclub will definitely enhance the overall customer experience and boost revenues.
Red Carpet Vegas bottle service is a great option for larger groups. The final bill gets split among the group members and it provides a luxurious experience. However, it is important to be realistic about the costs. If you don’t think that your group will be able to afford a certain amount of bottles, it is better to go with table service instead of bottle service. The cost of table service varies from club to club. It is based on a number of factors including club size, location in the club and event dates. Table prices are also higher during holidays and on major events.

Red Carpet VIP can provide your group with VIP table bottle service at the best nightclubs and day clubs in Vegas. VIP table bottle service includes reserved seating, your choice of bottles and mixers, a cocktail server and busser for your section and a security guard to keep an eye on your table.
Getting Into The Club
Bottle service is the ultimate clubbing experience and can make your night at the club much more enjoyable than just paying for a ticket and drinks at the bar. Bottle service provides reserved seating with a bottle of the liquor of your choice, desired mixers, and a bottle server. Your table will also be stocked with glasses and ice. Bottle service can also be a little more expensive than just buying a drink at the bar but it can be worth the extra expense if you want to get noticed in the crowd.

The cost of bottle service will vary based on the club, how busy it is and what day of the week it is. Prices are often lower during the week and less expensive if you have a smaller group. Contact Red Carpet VIP to find out more about getting bottle service in Las Vegas. We can also help with limo service, atmosphere models and other Las Vegas club and event services.
Getting Your Table
Whether you’re planning your next bachelor party, birthday party or anniversary celebration, booking bottle service at a Las Vegas nightclub can make your event the most memorable one of all. You’ll enjoy a private VIP table in the center of the dance floor with your choice of bottles, mixers and a dedicated cocktail server serving you and your guests.

The hottest clubs host world renowned DJs and live concerts that draw large crowds. Getting bottle service helps you skip the long lines for general admission and get your group inside faster so you can party more.
More Words
Before your night gets started a Red Carpet VIP host will contact you to set up a meeting time and location so they can walk you right into the club. They will also make sure you are seated at your VIP table and fully prepared to have a great time. This is part of what makes our service the best in the industry.