Sony Extended Warranty: Peace Of Mind For Your Electronics

These plans extend the manufacturer’s warranty and add additional protection for drops, spills, image recovery and routine maintenance with no deductibles. These plans are eligible for purchase within 90 days of the product’s original date of purchase.
Coverage Options
Sony products are covered by a variety of different warranty plans. However, most of the options offered by Sony are not as robust as those available from third-party providers. The most impressive coverage option is the Asurion Home+ warranty, which provides protection for nearly every device in your home. Plus, the plan offers live expert support and robust digital security. Unlike a one-off Sony warranty, Asurion Home+ covers everything from TVs to headphones. It also comes with an impressive list of perks, including no deductibles, no hassle claims, and a suite of services that will help you keep your tech running smoothly.

Warranty Period
A Sony Extended Warranty is a way to add a level of protection to your device that goes beyond what is provided by the manufacturer’s limited warranty. These plans typically cover parts that are deemed defective and can offer coverage for things like accidental damage, screen burn-in, water damage, surge protection, etc. Depending on the product, Sony offers one-year or two-year warranties. If you want a longer warranty, you will need to purchase an additional warranty plan from Sony or a third-party warranty provider.

PROTECT Plus extends your manufacturer warranty with additional protection for drops and spills, image recovery, and routine maintenance with no deductibles. Plans are eligible for purchase within 90 days of your product purchase date.
Repair Costs
In the event of an eligible warranty claim, the cost of repairing your Sony product will be covered by a qualified and certified repair technician. This ensures that you’re never left high and dry with a damaged device. The best way to guard against unexpected repair costs is to invest in an extended warranty that covers nearly all the technology you own. A CPS warranty plan will shield your devices from accidental damage and provide round-the-clock expert support to help you get the most out of your technology.

Unlike most manufacturers’ warranties, CPS plans are zero deductibles and include coverage for any repairs. They also offer perks like in-home service, which can save you money and time if your appliance needs to be repaired or replaced. You can find out more about CPS plans, deductibles, and terms on their website.
An extended warranty is an optional service that you can purchase in addition to your TV’s manufacturer’s warranty. It provides additional perks and benefits, such as free repairs or preventative maintenance, that can be valuable to you. However, if you’re considering an extended warranty, be sure to read the fine print. A reputable policy should include a clear description of what it covers, what the cost will be, and how to get it fixed. Purchasing a Sony Extended Warranty for your electronics is a great way to secure the value and peace of mind you deserve.

The deductible on your plan should be no more than a few hundred dollars. It should also cover all major components of your product, including the picture screen (burn-in), buttons, inputs and outputs, internal components, TV stand, IR sensor for the remote control, on-board circuitry/software, and more. Sony offers a few different extended warranty options. Some, like Protect, extend the length of your manufacturer’s warranty; others, like Protect Plus, include extra entitlements. These plans can be purchased within 90 days of your product’s purchase date.
Final Thought
Get peace of mind with a genuine Sony Extended Warranty. Covers your product’s manufacturer’s warranty and adds extra entitlements such as image recovery, accidental damage protection, priority service, genuine Sony parts with replacement & more for up to 2 years.

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