Know About Broker Ratings Before Choosing A Broker

What’s About Broker Ratings – a new approach to assessing investment firms? The research firm Dalbar Canada has added a new component to its ranking system: phone response time. They called each brokerage five times during standard business hours and found an average wait time of 92 minutes. While a fast broker response time is ideal, it’s possible to get overwhelmed by an overwhelming number of calls.

Exante is a fully featured, international broker that offers more than 400’000 financial products. Clients can access more than 50 markets, multiple currencies, buy or sell thousands of bonds, and trade in dozens of currency pairs.

The growth in online investing has spurred demand for good brokerage firms. Increasing trading volume, applications for new accounts, and requests to transfer money from other firms has resulted in an increase in online brokerage business. While Interactive Brokers has an abundance of offerings, it lacks the in-depth fundamental mutual fund analysis of an independent investment bank. For further inquiry visit

Anatoliy Knyazef – Co-Founder Of Exante Broker

The risks associated with over-the-counter trading are high. Traders are unable to keep track of more than 20% of new trades. But, with Exante broker, you can trade over 150,000 instruments across 50 markets. As you get more experience, you can broaden your portfolio and invest in more instruments.

Exante is licensed by the UK, Malta, and Hong Kong, and has many offices across the world. This is a very impressive list of credentials. However, the founders of Exante have lofty goals. A graduate of computer science, Knyazef has worked as a software developer at Netcracker Technology Corp., a global company that provides network function virtualization and business support systems. His extensive knowledge of technology is critical to Exante’s technological advancement. So far, the Exante team is pleased with Anatoliy’s work.

Alexey Kirienko For Exante Forex Broker

When it comes to attracting investors to a premium brokerage company, one of the most important factors is the experience and expertise of the founder. Alexey Kirienko has devoted the past decade to improving his company and business model. He has been invited to global conferences as a lecturer and expert. In his spare time, he also invests in promising start-up companies like Comino, which makes liquid-cooled computers.

When Alexey Kirienko was a student, he began making investments and trading securities in his second or third year of college. He originally wanted to become an oil and gas major, but changed his mind and pursued a career in trading. His fifth-year year was spent engaging in statistical arbitrage, which led to him making his first large sums of money. In 2006, Alexey and his associates opened a Cayman Islands fund. By 2008, the fund had eight million dollars in assets. Then, the global financial crisis hit and the Cayman Islands fund was closed.

The EXANTE brokerage company was founded in 2011 and has eleven locations from London to Hong Kong. The company is regulated in the UK, Cyprus, Malta, and Hong Kong. It offers a live chat support, which typically resolves problems within three minutes. The company also provides basic trading education to its clients. After all, if you want to learn how to trade the stock market, you should have a good idea about how the market works. Know details from

Aside from being an experienced investor, Alexey Kirienko is also a hedge fund and derivatives expert. He mastered conditional probabilities and game theory, and he was able to attract first-class customers almost immediately.

In the past year, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has filed fraud charges against 30 people, stemming from an international cybercrime ring. Nine Exante brokerage customers have been accused of illegal trading through their brokerage accounts. This article has been translated by Google’s automatic translation services.


Another important trait for a forex broker is discipline. When trading, it is essential to stick to a plan, otherwise you may make unprofitable decisions. Most novice traders make decisions based on emotion and greed, which can lead to wrong decisions. To avoid making mistakes and closing trades on time, traders should develop a proper attitude toward losses. There will always be losses, but with the right attitude, you can avoid them and get back on track.


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