Getting Your TEFL Certification: Success Strategies

English as a Second Language However instead of relying on my meager finances, I decided to travel and earn my way around the world. It seemed like a wise move to teach English abroad. I chose TEFL International since it has been active for seven years and had David Hopkins, a renowned teacher trainer, as its main trainer. In addition, I merely desired to reside in Thailand! The cuisine was so excellent when I remembered the coconut curries and green papaya salads, I’d had al fresco under the palm trees by the beach that I couldn’t stop drooling. I’d been there earlier in the early 1970s and found the locals to be nice and helpful. And the winter is over! What is there to dislike?

Since then, a lot of individuals have asked me if I felt they could enroll in the TEFL International course and become successful English instructors abroad even if they had no prior experience in the classroom. I always respond, “Sure you can!” I’ve included some advice from my own TEFL International experience that can assist you or anyone else in getting a job.

TEFL Diploma Issued by TEFL International:

  • Update your immunization records. Although Thailand no longer has a high malaria incidence, you should still get booster vaccinations for diphtheria and tetanus. During your first week in the nation, you’re likely to experience some traveler’s diarrhea, but Pepto Bismol will take care of that. While enrolled in the course, your health must be in good standing.
  • This gets me to my next point: many people start drinking far more when they first travel to a foreign nation than they ever did at home, for a variety of reasons. Everyone is aware of the excessive drinking that occurs on college campuses. In Thailand, such situations frequently occur near beach bars. New students frequently engage in under-the-table drinking. So go easy on the Chang Beer; when you’re out with friends, set appropriate boundaries for yourself and adhere to them. No matter how buzzed you are, class starts at nine every morning throughout the week, so you need to be alert and prepared to think creatively.
  • Bring at least one complete piece of professional attire, including shoes. When you interview for a teaching position and when you are teaching, you will be required to dress professionally. While shorts and a t-shirt with matching flip-flops are fine for a stroll on the beach. That calls for long skirts for women and ties for males.
  • When it comes to smoking, there are differing standards in Thailand and some other Asian nations. Women cannot accomplish it; only men can. Ladies, I apologize, but you must return to the girl’s room, exactly like in high school, if you want to light up. However, see it as a motivating factor to give up.
  • “But I don’t speak the language!” is one of the major objections I encounter when considering teaching abroad. Since you’re not a teacher, you’re not expected to be fluent in Tagalog, Thai, or Chinese. Since you teach English, you expect your students to use exclusively English in your classroom. You will learn how to teach using a method known as “immersion”. Just a few Thai words and phrases will be sufficient to get by in Thailand. You won’t feel alone at all, I guarantee it; Thais are a sociable bunch of folks. From the moment you step off the plane, they will include you in their enjoyment!
  • Set aside any preconceived assumptions you may have regarding the English language and teaching in general. Perhaps you attended a religious school with stern nuns or an open school with free-spirited hippies for your education. Whatever image you have of a teacher, be prepared for it to change once you enroll in a TEFL course. You’ll gain practical teaching experience working with actual international students, so you’ll need to be adaptable enough to fulfill their needs while putting aside concerns about your “job” as a teacher.
  • If you have a laptop, bring it. If not, bring an extra $300 to $400 to buy one since they are cheap in Asia and essential for your emails, blogs, Facebook, and lesson planning. There are many internet cafes, but the majority of them are crowded with scream-and-shuffle teens. Who wants to be aggravated?
  • Use your teacher trainers as resources first and foremost. They are more knowledgeable than merely sentence diagramming. They can provide you with insider knowledge on the top destinations for lodging, dining, and travel. If you ask, they will typically be pleased to offer their knowledge of the finest places to find teaching positions. To put it another way, don’t get off to a bad start with your teacher trainers. These are people who can provide you with assistance and knowledge for the rest of your life.

Final Thought

If you’ll abide by these fundamental, sensible guidelines, I guarantee you’ll have a fantastic experience at TEFL International or any other TEFL school and have a successful career teaching English as a second language in the nation of your choice. To learn more about TEFL International’s ESL teacher training program.