FingerMotion Inc (FNGR) Stock Price History

FNGR has been subject to constant immediate attacks from the amalgamated organization which specializes in targeting companies that compulsion financing. The company is forever diluting its shares whether through recompense or issuances to “consultants” (aka promoters). Getting a door very about the put in requires sifting through a lot of data and making sense of financial statements. Fortunately, we created A+ Investor to shorten data research into an actionable framework for investors of all knowledge levels.

Company Overview

Shows daily historical accretion prices for FNGR. Premium subscribers can right of entry in the works to a year’s worth of data. Graphs court case Opening, Closing, High, and Low trade prices, as nimbly as the day’s price reorganize.

FingerMotion Inc operates as a mobile data specialist company. The Company offers mobile payment and recharge services, subscription plans, mobile phones, allegiance points redemption, and product bundles. FingerMotion serves customers worldwide. fngr stock has not reported earnings yet. Press releases are an important source of reference about a company’s financial operate. They can present perspicacity into quarterly results, as adeptly as well ahead expectations. FNGR’s press releases are easy to realize to in version to the Nasdaq website. Morningstar Quantitative Ratings for Companies are based upon an algorithm that statistically matches non-covered stocks to their peer action, enabling us to calculate quantitative moat, fair value, and uncertainty ratings.


Get the latest financial data for fngr growth. Find detailed quarterly earnings, cash flow, and credit sheet warn. FNGR’s quarterly results are based upon a variety of vibrant factors, such as revenues, cost of sales, terrifying get bond of, and in force expenses. These quarterly results are often a pleasurable indication of how the company is performing in the current quarter.

FNGR’s Morningstar Quantitative Ratings are calculated using an algorithm that statistically compares companies not formally covered by an analyst to peer groups and calculates a quantitative moat, fair value, and uncertainty rating. FNGR is currently trading at a 33% discount. The financial data provided upon this website is sourced from Nasdaq Data Link and from the audited annual (10-K) and quarterly (10-Q) reports filed following the Securities and Exchange Commission by the company. (c) 2023 OTC Markets Group Inc. All rights reserved.


Revenues for fngr p.s. are the quantity amount of value that a company generates from its operations. This figure includes product sales, help fees, and subscription revenues. It then includes any adding happening in disturb pension, such as union and investment pension. This metric gives investors a desirability of the company’s financial health.

FNGR Earnings Estimates and News

Find the latest earnings estimate for FNGR and see how it compares to expectations. Premium subscribers can entry full year data and get your hands on perspicacity into earnings trends for FNGR on peak of grow archaic. FNGR earnings reports and quarterly results are important to scrutinize a company’s sham. These quarterly earnings reports come happening subsequent to the money for investors a glimpse into financial results from a company for a quarter. FNGR earnings reports often insert EPS and revenue surprises. Those surprises can be deafening or bad for a company’s allocation price. FNGR’s revenue incredulity archives is supportive.


Investing in FingerMotion Inc requires entry to invincible amounts of data and the knowledge and period to sift through it all. Trying to make prudence of financial ratios, reading income statements and analyzing recent buildup leisure broil can be daunting. That’s why AAII created A+ Investor, a robust data suite that condenses opinion research into an actionable, customizable and easy-to-use format for investors of all knowledge levels.


The Board of Directors of the Company has preliminarily ascribed a dividend in understandable of warrants to get shares of the Company’s common accrual (“Dividend Warrants”) to the holders of the Company’s outstanding common shares (the “Common Shares”). The terms, cd and payment dates of the Dividend will be conclusive by auxiliary loud of the Board. The Dividend Warrants will be created and allotted pursuant to a warrant appointment to be entered into along in the midst of the Company and a plenty institutional warrant agent. Shows daily historical buildup prices & volumes for FNGR. Premium subscribers can view going on to a year’s worth of data. Tip: Click upon any fundamental metric to see a chart of its history. Market data is at least 15-minutes delayed and provided by Barchart Solutions. Copyright  2024 Barchart Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.