Duane Park Ventures

Delhi-Based Duane Park Ventures Laghate the 8.5m Dollars

Delhi-based Duane Park Ventures, which is a private equity firm focused on investments in infrastructure, is putting up 8.5 million dollars to expand its portfolio of infrastructure projects. It is also launching a new venture that will focus on the construction of solar-powered buildings.

laghate’s strategy

Gaurav Laghate has been appointed as the Media and Marketing Editor of Mint. He has a rich experience in the media industry. Before joining Mint, he was with The Economic Times and Indian Television. He will be based in Mumbai and report to Satish John. His colleagues include Nikhil Kanekal, who is the Head of Subscriber Experience. In addition to this, Aamir Bashir, Aaryav Anand and Ashish Laghate have also joined the firm.

After a successful career in the media, Laghate is looking forward to working with a leading financial magazine. With a strong background in strategy, data science and technology, he will be an asset to the organization.