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Common US Visa and Immigration Myths

Many people endured United States migration fallouts because of their dependence on erroneous data found on the web. While much data found on the web might be exact, we have become mindful of a wealth of visa legends emerging out of wrong data sustained across the web on locales going from talk sheets to government data pages.

Tragically, you can manage these us visa online regularly leading to results of changing degrees, including the accompanying: a.) An person might forego applying for a particular visa class that would somehow or another permit him to lay out a productive business in the United States due to a confused acceptance that he is ineligible with the classification, or b.) People should seriously mull over whether she is approved to carry on business exercises in the United States that are disallowed by regulation, prompting refusals of the section, visa dissents, or more terrible.

The truth is that United States migration regulation is once in a blue moon if at any point, direct – – and it is vital to recognize the truth and the fantasies. In this article, along these lines, we address the ten (10) visa legends generally regularly drawn out into the open by our clients, with expectations of assisting general society with staying away from exorbitant stumbles.

Fantasies Associated with the E2 Treaty Investor Category

Fantasy 1: “I want to put $250,000 USD in the United States to be qualified for an E2 Treaty Investor Visa.”

The Reality: Not really. The US Department of State (“DOS”), the United States government office that handles E-2 visa applications don’t set a base venture figure. All things being equal, the DOS expresses that the venture must be significant. The dollar figure expected for a significant venture relies upon the idea of the business to be begun or to be bought. Your speculation must address a significant extent of the complete worth of the business to be bought, or it must be adequate to fire up a productive new business.

Our firm had dealt with effective applications for candidates contributing just USD 50,000 when this was everything that was expected to fire up the business to the mark of activity.

Legend 2: “I can apply for an E2 visa to permit me to head out to the United States to make my venture.”

The Reality: I’m afraid that’s not right. Before you lawfully can apply for an E2 visa, the speculation of your cash must be finished and monetarily in danger. Certain guidelines truly do permit voyagers to visit the USA on the Visa Waiver Program or a Visitor Visa to make a speculation, if in any case qualified. This must be dealt with cautiously to guarantee that your exercises are approved under the guidelines. For instance, you won’t be qualified to effectively deal with your venture or, in any case, work in your business until you have gotten the us visa application. The official at the port of passage must be fulfilled that you might be occupied with approved exercises or be refused section or authoritatively ousted.

Our firm regularly works with financial backers at this underlying speculation phase. We offer our administrations to qualifying financial backers to audit the proposed venture exercises in the United States and to give records to show at the port of section on the side of the financial backer’s proposed exercises in the United States.

Fantasy 3: “I can resign on the E-2 visa.”

The Reality: I’m afraid that’s not right. The E-2 Treaty Investor visa isn’t a retirement visa. It is planned for dynamic speculations and is given to financial backers entering the USA to effectively create and coordinate the venture.

The United States doesn’t right now offer a retirement visa. It would help if you got Legal Permanent Residency in the USA before having the option to resign there on a super durable premise. Considering that the E-2 visa is a non-migrant visa, any Legal Permanent Residency request or application must be dealt with cautiously to avoid risk your E-2 visa status.

Fantasies Associated with Business Travelers

“I want to head out to the United States to accomplish some work for my boss. I’m not utilized by or being paid by a United States Company and I am just remaining for a brief timeframe, so I can go on the Visa Waiver Program.”

It is critical to clarify whether your business exercises are approved under the Visa Waiver Program. If that you perform unapproved work in the United States, you might be eliminated from the United States or refused section to the United States on a later excursion. You may then not be able to make a trip to the United States on the Visa Waiver Program and may deal with issues in getting a B-1 Business Visitor’s visa.