20 Healthy Meal Delivery Services for Easy At-Home Dining

Meal delivery services take the hassle out of meal planning and grocery shopping. They also offer variety, introducing you to foods and ingredients you might not otherwise try. They also tend to be less expensive than traditional groceries.

Most meal delivery services price per serving or per meal. Some also offer flexible subscription models that let you skip a week’s delivery.

Meal options

Meal delivery services take the stress out of weeknight dinner by offering pre-portioned ingredients and recipes. Some meal kit services are designed for culinary enthusiasts, while others are more geared toward the average home cook. They are convenient and less expensive than take-out. Choosing the right service will depend on your budget, cooking skills, and household size. Meal delivery services also offer a variety of menu options, ranging from traditional meals to vegan and plant-based offerings.

Some meal delivery services focus on specific diets, such as Purple Carrot, which provides plant-based meals that are curated by registered dietitians. Other services provide a wide range of dietary options, including low-calorie dishes that are ideal for Weight Watchers. Some meal delivery services are also good for those with food allergies or aversions. Blue Apron and Hungryroot, for example, have a large selection of dishes with broad appeal.

Some meal delivery services also make it easy to cancel or pause subscriptions. Customers can usually log into their account on the company’s website or app and make changes. Others may require that you contact a customer service agent to cancel your subscription. Regardless, most meal delivery services are quite flexible and allow you to customize your order or pause it at any time. They will typically deliver your food in a box or plastic bag that is either recyclable or made from BPA-free materials.


Unlike grocery delivery, meal prep services typically send fresh or frozen ingredients separately and require special care. They may also include ice packs to keep perishables cool during transit. A meal delivery service usually charges a flat fee for deliveries, and customers can opt to tip the delivery driver. The amount of the tip depends on the company and personal preferences. Some meal delivery services source ingredients organically, non-GMO, or locally. Others use a wide range of flavors and recipes, which can be difficult to replicate cost-effectively with traditional grocery shopping. Economies of scale can allow these services to introduce exotic or gourmet foods that aren’t normally available in stores.


Meal delivery services offer a convenient and affordable option for weeknight dinners. These companies provide ready-to-eat meals or recipes that are delivered to your doorstep in insulated packaging. They also allow you to customize your meals by choosing a variety of ingredients and options. They are also helpful for people with dietary restrictions like veganism and ketogenic diets. Most meal delivery services employ chefs and dieticians to curate their offerings, so you can be sure that you’ll get a variety of healthy meals.

Most meal delivery companies use recyclable or reusable packaging. Their outer containers are made of a corrugated cardboard layer and custom-designed to fit their products. The outer container is then insulated using polystyrene, a type of foam that keeps food cold. Most meal delivery services also include ice in their packages to keep the food cold during shipping.

The ice packs used by some meal delivery services contain a water-soluble filling and can be drained, shipped back for recycling, or refrozen and reused. However, some ice packs have a plastic shell that cannot be recycled. This is a drawback to some customers who want to keep their food fresh while they’re traveling.

The best meal delivery service offers a variety of menu options, cooking times, and sustainability initiatives. They use organic ingredients and make an effort to minimize their environmental impact. They also offer a flexible subscription model, so you can change the number of meals you receive each week.


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